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IIST company

Have subscribed for IIST newsletters, but usually do not read them. Paid attention today only to the last one - because it is on training for certifications CSTP and CTM. Here is some info pasted:

International Test Certification Weeks in 10 different cities to support

The only internationally recognized EDUCATION-BASED certifications issued by
The International Institute for Software Testing (IIST)

Each certification is based on a comprehensive seven areas of a Body of Knowledge developed by IIST Independent Advisory Board.

Each certification is supported by 10 days of training and workshops taught by top industry experts. Read about our faculty at

The educational process is designed to teach test professionals Every technique and method they need to perform disciplined and cost effective testing in their current project.

EUROSTAR community - software testers

Inviting to have a look at or even joinEuroSTAR blog dedicated to the European software testing community
what is EuroStar? The woman, chief software tester at hansabank, vilnius, says, that goes to EuroStar software testing conference the last few years. EuroSTAR 2006, MICC Manchester, 4-7 December, 2006. the official site. Liked it is in Europe. Searched their website, could not find any fees or more accomodation details, guess there should be direct contact for such information.

word to the world

Received a few emails recently - to tell the truth almost the first emails regarding this blog. People looking for information, or asking some questions about software testing. I love it to feel useful and helpful.

working with testing on your own

become a consultant? the software developers market is too small in lithuania, was thinking what the software testing consultants could do here.. would travel all around the world ...

own a company? here is the list of companies working in software testing field. what do they do? Consultancy for the banks, offers testing, independent consulting and testing services, training services, tools for testing, and other..