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jobs for testers

yesterday posted about verify conference, and at their web page - DC tester portal, found a big corner for software testing jobs. when i think about any position, it is always very useful to find out the requirements for it and to check yourself in the areas of knowledge. job proposals.

Software test conference VERIFY 2006

Recieved this by email. It is too far away for me, but maybe someone of you will be able to attend. International software test conference Verify 2006. Conference Focus: Security testing, Agile testing and other testing methods, Automated testing, Test program management, Database testing, Real world test solutions. What would be interesting for me - the main keynotes - security. My master paper was on data protection and security. so, a litle bit interested in information security and cobit isaca exams :)
the conference fee - 800usd for now. and here are the keynote presentations.