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impressions: conference in Riga

My late impressions on ‚ 10th Annual Conference for Testing Professionals "TEST MORE FOR LESS". One day conference, starting early in the morning. Had a chance to see Riga old town in the evening.

It was not first time taking attending the conference – during studies at the UNI, we have prepared once. This was the first time I attended a testing related event. So many testers in one place :)
The organisers of the conference really worked hard. Our company group enjoyed everything – the presentations in English, the time management, coffy breaks and tasty luch. Now, the program and all conference material are available at website.

The main impression – automation and agile rules. Last year we also switched from waterfall to RUP iteration. and starting more serious automated testing..

What is the drawback of a conference, that presentations are short. (If you are not interested or do not understand Latvian, of course, happy it is only 20-30 minutes) When you are really int…