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on Testing in youtube

Made a discovery this morning. Was too lazy to read the book „the testing practitioner“, mentioned in previous post. And felt a desire to listen to something on Software testing topic. Yes! The internet! Of course – the YouTube site. Well, did not do the big research what to look at, took on the first - Google Tech Talks, December 9, 2005, Agile testing by Elisabeth Hendrickson. My impressions – first, it is very interesting to find out one more source of information. Feels like participating at the conference. Will come back for sure and do some more watching and listening the other day. The topic itself, agile testing. Am not familiar with it, and especially after the teaching feel it is something different I am working with. What I caught up, the agile testing is something anti-classical approach to testing, everyone is testing and testers are the developers, there are many iterations with the releases, all of them tested and working fine, there is much about test automation and th…

book: The Testing Practitioner

over a week have a book on my table, The Testing Practitioner. found at our office library. seems to be more serious than fun. It is a collection of works from 24 authors on various topics. Like test and risk management, reviews, incident management, people, test process improvements and other. have you read it?