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CERTIFICATION: Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP)

The International Institute for Software Testing (IIST) offers the Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP) certification. CSTP is an education-based certification, based on a Body of Knowledge that covers areas the most important software testing areas.
It was interesting to compare the information I found on this certification, with the previous ones I have written already. This certification is also for new testers, new to the testing field - the job requirement is at least one year of testing. The next requirement is studying - class attending and learning the course hte IIST provides. I like this - now, for me would be easier to learn in a class, not myself at home..
The graduation fee is $120, non-refundable.
The CSTP Body of Knowledge covers: priciples of software testing, test design, managing the testing process, test executions and bug tracking, area of requirements, test automation and static testing.
One more interesting thing is that CSTP Certification will expire 3 yea…

for and against software tester certification

Thanks for all notes about tester certification. Some of you were right - even there are no scheduled exams for The Certified Software Tester (CSTE) in Europe, they have branches in UK and Russia, and the best thing to do is to contact and find out the possibility to go there and take the exams. That is the first thing i wanted to write.

Today was thinking why i started reading about software testing certifications. I have been working more than two years in testing, in the same company. The situation was pretty hard - i got tired from testing, did not see where to go further etc. Then i started thinking - it is enough with testing, done. Should change my job. Have written in september about the interview for software testing position in one company. The lady talked a lot and presented me a nice description of my future job. All team is certified, she believes it is the best testing and the best qualified team in our country. Thinking afterthat i was so happy to see that there is s…

Certification: Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)

This time will have a look at Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA). It seems similar to Certified Software Tester, although this one is for quality analyst, not for tester. It indicates a professional level of competence in the principles and practices of quality assurance. and that is much more than testing. Broader.
Guess the certification organisation should be the same.
The best info is here, at software certifications

So, the requirements are pretty the same as for the CSTE, every candidate must:
Satisfy all applicant Prerequisites.
Subscribe to the Code of Ethics.
Submit a Character Reference.
Pass a comprehensive written Examination.

Also you should work in the field, have experience, etc. Candidates for certification who rely on only limited experience, or upon too few or specific study materials, typically do not successfully obtain certification. Many drop out without ever taking the examination. Fees in this program are nonrefundable. Do not apply unless you feel confide…