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mandatory requirements

looking at melb0urne software testing job requirements and advertisements, this one looks very serious:
• Proven experience and understanding of software testing methodologies.• Strong experience in preparing and analysing test conditions based on Business Requirements.• Demonstrated ability developing Test Cases from Functional Specifications & Design Documents.• Proven experience and an understanding of System, Integration, and Functional testing execution. • Proven experience in testing EAI solutions.• A level of technology adeptness that enables the successful translation of requirements in test scripts. • Experience in the use of Test Tools, particularly Mercury Quality Centre.• Ability to work in a fast paced environment with possible dynamic priorities without compromising quality.• Ability to quickly understand the organisation’s systems and applications and its integration with other systems. • Proven, strong analytical and technical troubleshooting experienc…

testing in australia

has been staying for a few months in melbourne, australia. holidays. live in the subur of the city and seems get the wrong picture:) looking at calm private house area started believing everything here is so slow and not technology oriented. well, searched the webfor software testing australia - and was surprised. most of the testing companies are located in sydney!!! and here is one page i liked the most -The Independent Software Testing Specialists, IV&V Australia.
It is software consultants firm, they test software, train software testers, other services for software testing activities. They also have questionnaire, designed to provide you with a quick check on the fitness of the testing practices on your software projects. welcome to try