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has been staying for a few months in melbourne, australia. holidays. live in the subur of the city and seems get the wrong picture:) looking at calm private house area started believing everything here is so slow and not technology oriented. well, searched the webfor software testing australia - and was surprised. most of the testing companies are located in sydney!!! and here is one page i liked the most -The Independent Software Testing Specialists, IV&V Australia.
It is software consultants firm, they test software, train software testers, other services for software testing activities. They also have questionnaire, designed to provide you with a quick check on the fitness of the testing practices on your software projects. welcome to try


Ajith Mohan said…
Dear ugne,

I am Ajith Mohan,presently working as Sr.Software test engineer.I heard that software testing profession and opportunities in australia is
comparatively very less than other countries,I want to know that, is this true or not?What about the present opportunities in s/w testing career in australia?in which state is more important for it?.How can i find out a good job in testing at there?.

Please help me in this regard.Hope your valuable reply soon.

ugne said…
do not think i can help you, Ajith Mohan. I live and work in europe, you better contact a person working in australia and ask him/her about career opportunies and testers demand in australia.
good luck.
Ajith Mohan said…

Ok,Thanks a lot for your reply.

Anonymous said…
I am at present going to do a course in software testing. i would like to know if there is more focus on manual testing or automated testing, as i have heard that you need to be a really good programmer for automated testing and i do not want to get into programming. Also if you are in manual testing only how are the job opportunities ?
Anonymous said…
Hello ugne,
I have 3 years of experience as a software tester and now i am looking for the job.If you have any contacts in australia please tell me and help me
cute said…
Hi Ugne,
Thanks for your kind reply.I am looking for a Software Testing job in Europe.Can you please mail me the openings to cutesiril1@gmail.com.
Thank you
madhan said…
hello ugne,
iam madhan am doing software testig course both manual and automated in chennai i would like to work in austalia...after finishing my course to apply dis jobs in australia...
Syed said…
i am presently working as a software test engineer in Lucknow having an overall experience of 2.5 years as a manual functional tester.I am looking for some good jobs at Australia or Europe in software testing.Please help me for the same.

Thanks and Regards
Gauhar Abbas
laky said…
Well done!
It is very essential site.
I am very grateful for the info on your blog.
Great posting. Very informative too.

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guru said…
Hi Ugne,

I am Gururaj, from India. Working as Senior Software Testing Engineer, having 5 years of experience with good knowledge in manual testing and exposure to automation.
I am looking for software testing job in Europe. Could you please help me to get the job. Please do suggest me.
My e-mail id - gururaj_bv5@yahoo.co.in
Unknown said…

I am Veerendra Kumar, from India. Working as QE Engineer, having 6+ years of experience with good knowledge in manual testing and work experience in Security testing.
I am looking for software testing job in Europe. Could you please help me to get the job. Please do suggest me.
My e-mail id - nethi.veerendra@gmail.com
Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

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