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ebay and software testing?

wow, what a surprise! have registered at ebay a few months ago, bought some things for myself. just for fun today entered the keywords in ebay search box "software testing" - and here you are! CDs - The ISEB Foundation Software Testing CD includes the following:
Audio material covering the whole certification material
A full set of notes from a qualified Training Provider
A second set of notes from a test taker who received a 34/40 score!
3 practice exams
Extra material of ISEB Syllabus, recruitment opportunities for candidates who acquire the certification and 2 software testing standards official documents for your own personal use

and more CDs, some old books like The Art of Software Testing by Glenford J. Myers. cool

just reading

Not going to write much on software testing for some time - opened again the website on testing, and going to read some books and articles there. Here is the first on Classic Testing Mistakes. join me...

Certification: ISEB Practitioner Certificate in Software Testing

ISEB Practitioner Certificate in Software Testing is for experienced testing practitioners. This certificate demonstrates a depth of knowledge of testing topics and the ability to perform testing activities in practice.

The main entry requirements are: candidates must hold the Foundation Certificate in Software Testing and either have at least 18 months experience in Software Testing
or have completed an ISEB accredited practitioner training course.

Without standard charges, the fee is 225.00 UK pounds. Not very cheap.
The exam itself is longer than for Foundation certificate: one three-hour examination with questions requiring narrative/essay style answers.

Have not written in Foundation certificate post, will mention here the training providers who should be contacted for furhter details and training...

That's all from me on ISEB Practitioner Certificate in Software Testing :)

Good luck in your certificates!

Certification: ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing

The Foundation Certificate is for software developers, testers (both technical and user acceptance testers), test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, and managers including test managers, project managers, quality managers, - for all interested in testing. This certificate provides evidence that a person understands software testing basics. With the certification, a person is able to perform effective testing of software, is aware of techniques and standards, knows what testing tools can achieve and where to find more information about testing, may establish the basic steps of the testing process.

The candidate requires to have knowledge of IT. It is recommended that all candidates attend an ISEB approved training course run by an accredited training provider.

One hour examination consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions; the fee - 120.00 UK pounds and some additional payments.

Have not read more material on exam questions, but this exam seems the most available for me, livin…

software testing news

well, testing field is quite narrow, much less information in comparing tech news or sport news :) here is a site for software testing news. mostly from the Quardev Laboratories news but there are some good articles.

software testing blogs

a few links for interesting software testing blogs:

testing reflections
blog on testing
anyone reading in russian? some russian testing blogs
collaborative ST

just some url for you and me.

be active tester in all software

yesterday wrote about watched gmail new features, today thinking that we may be active testers in all software we use. last year there was an inquiry from my internet banking system on customers opinion on they features. wrote them about bug connected with reloging and pasword mix, a few months later the defect was gone! so, do not hesitate to write your proposals or bugs you see in all software you use - from stock analysis software to internet banking system. you may be a part in the development process also and contribute a lot.

gmail testing

well, it is not about testing, just about the development process. i use, like it. it is interesting to see the new features emerging. changed the view from 20 messages to 100. in all windows seems ok, but not in trashbox. showing the previous 20... and it is much more difficult to delete. (yes, i delete my emails, although the gmail say the space it is enough :) ) today noticed that the view has changed - have 100 messages in the list. cool. someone informed them on the bug :) and here it is :)

the websites....

was looking for some info on software testing in the web, found this page. hate such kind of content...

Certification: Software Quality Engineer Certification CSQE

ASQ (American Society for Quality) offers Software Quality Engineer Certification - CSQE.
The requirements for passing examination seems pretty high - the highest from all the certifications I have written about already. You must have eight years of on-the-job experience in one or more of the areas of the Certified Software Quality Engineer Body of Knowledge. Part of the eight-year experience requirement will be waived depending on your completed a degree from a college or university. For example - Bachelor's degree–four years waived.
The Software Quality Engineer examination is a one-part, 160-question, four-hour exam and is offered in English only.
The ASQ also offers some resources for preparation, the best part I liked - sample exam online to check yourself. Myself i was SHOCKED. English is not my native language, i have no problems with reading material, but the exam questions does not seem very easy and i really doubt if I could pass it now... For exam taking you may apply …

"Certifications bring larger raises"

Just a short notice on OLD article and research - "IT workers with certifications are more likely than those without to be rewarded with bigger salary increases." :) Read the whole article here

Certification: Certified Test Manager (CTM)

More on software testing certification to improve your testing...
The second certification from International Institute for Software Testing (IIST) - Certified Test Manager (CTM). CTM creates foundation of software testing and provides test professionals with the skill and knowledge necessary to perform different test activities, adding management skills required by test managers and test leads to effectively manage the test process, the test project and the test organization. So,dedicated for Test Managers!
Pursue the certification if you are a person who has worked in software testing for at least 3 years; are with a management or leadership role in testing; are development manager and development lead who wish to move to a test management or lead position; are auditor, Inspector, and other who must evaluate the work product of the testing process.
There are two requirements - formal education and job experience requirement. The should be attended 10 training days with your chosen t…