Certification: ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing

The Foundation Certificate is for software developers, testers (both technical and user acceptance testers), test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, and managers including test managers, project managers, quality managers, - for all interested in testing. This certificate provides evidence that a person understands software testing basics. With the certification, a person is able to perform effective testing of software, is aware of techniques and standards, knows what testing tools can achieve and where to find more information about testing, may establish the basic steps of the testing process.

The candidate requires to have knowledge of IT. It is recommended that all candidates attend an ISEB approved training course run by an accredited training provider.

One hour examination consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions; the fee - 120.00 UK pounds and some additional payments.

Have not read more material on exam questions, but this exam seems the most available for me, living, in Lithuania. On the whole - should not be very difficult. Read more on ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing yourself here.


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