Certification: Certified Test Manager (CTM)

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The second certification from International Institute for Software Testing (IIST) - Certified Test Manager (CTM). CTM creates foundation of software testing and provides test professionals with the skill and knowledge necessary to perform different test activities, adding management skills required by test managers and test leads to effectively manage the test process, the test project and the test organization. So,dedicated for Test Managers!
Pursue the certification if you are a person who has worked in software testing for at least 3 years; are with a management or leadership role in testing; are development manager and development lead who wish to move to a test management or lead position; are auditor, Inspector, and other who must evaluate the work product of the testing process.
There are two requirements - formal education and job experience requirement. The should be attended 10 training days with your chosen topics. All training must be completed in no more than 3 years. The same as with Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP)- the credit for any training will expire 3 years after its completion. The recertification is available.
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