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embedded software testing

I have got a chance to work at previous, now Moog as software tester for five months. Worked with software for infusion pumps. It was a great experience for me as a tester and want to share with some impressions.

1. Same rules. The first lesson I learned that same rules for testing apply everywhere. Embedded software frightened a little. I thought it should be very different, and I do not know how to test. I learned that all the rules that apply to web site test, application testing, also apply to embedded software testing. Testing the software of infusion pump got me back to pure testing. Analyzing the new functionality, applying mixed of black and some white box methods, searching through requirements made me feel real tester.

2. Validation. For me verification and validation used to be only theoretical expressions. And not clear enough what they mean. I have been testing a few IT projects and mainly worked with verification. Used to verify the software is made accordi…