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Regression testing - theory and live testing

In our department there were no testing theory, certificates, etc. the new comers had to read some program descriptions, do a test of data entry and then started testing the new features of the program, or the things that were changed. they call it extreme programming. so, decided to have a look at the web, what it is Regression testing. and - was a litle bit surprised. seems almost all the time we had been doing the Regression testing.

looking for testing job? - ireland, interesting data

by accident received by email one job description for software testing in ireland and the salary there was 65000euro for a year. and that is 20 times more than i have been getting at my workplace. have never thought about going work abroad, but when the difference is so big, the doubts come. well, had some research on the net, the salaries in average are about 35, not 65 :) well, 10 times...

and here, it is a very interesting research for automated testing in nothern ireland. they have collected data on software vendors, salaries, related skills, appliction platforms and development, databases, processes & methodologies. very very interesting.