Regression testing - theory and live testing

In our department there were no testing theory, certificates, etc. the new comers had to read some program descriptions, do a test of data entry and then started testing the new features of the program, or the things that were changed. they call it extreme programming. so, decided to have a look at the web, what it is Regression testing. and - was a litle bit surprised. seems almost all the time we had been doing the Regression testing.


Anonymous said…
Yes thats right. It happens so many time that people do not differentiate between lack of documentation/process to XP or ad-hoc testing. For new people they should certainly visit TestingGeek . Wealth of information present in this site will certainly help them.
Anonymous said…
When you validate an system against your knoweldge and not against any documentation, it would be called as Adhoc.

If the system is validated for the important functionalities for a new build, to verify the old or exsisting stuffs are not affected in this build, is called regression. Regression test cases would be identified earlier before you perform your execution.
Anu said…
can you please tell em the type of regression tsting??

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