impressions: conference in Riga

My late impressions on ‚ 10th Annual Conference for Testing Professionals "TEST MORE FOR LESS". One day conference, starting early in the morning. Had a chance to see Riga old town in the evening.

It was not first time taking attending the conference – during studies at the UNI, we have prepared once. This was the first time I attended a testing related event. So many testers in one place :)
The organisers of the conference really worked hard. Our company group enjoyed everything – the presentations in English, the time management, coffy breaks and tasty luch. Now, the program and all conference material are available at website.

The main impression – automation and agile rules. Last year we also switched from waterfall to RUP iteration. and starting more serious automated testing..

What is the drawback of a conference, that presentations are short. (If you are not interested or do not understand Latvian, of course, happy it is only 20-30 minutes) When you are really interested in a topic, you will hear only a few good ideas from one person. There is no time for deeper disccusion. Had questions for myself on agile and automated testing not answered, despite many items in program on that. The next thing, many of the presentations were strongly based on theory, and that was so familiar...
The presentations I enjoyed the most:
*Test Case: one tail, 7 heads (Ainārs Galvāns);
*Session Based Exploratory Pair Testing over Skype (Oleg Stasyuk);
*Equivalence Class and Boundary Value Testing Methods – Well-Known and Unexplored (Vineta Arnicāne);
*Testing in Agile Projects – Case Study (Armands Baranovskis, Sanda Linde);
*Selection and evaluation of GUI testing tool (Olga Smorodova);
*Choosing and Implementation of OpenSource solutions for the project and testing process management in LKB ISP


Roman said…
Thanks, Ugne!

It is very interesting to read your report and to know that such events take place in our region!

Maybe you know about some similar seminars/workshops etc. here in Lithuania?

Best Regards,
ugne said…
In Lithuania only seminars for a fee:)

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