Saturday, July 30, 2005

bug tracking software

feeling a wish to find out more about software for bug tracking. was not thinking, that there is also a term "defect tracking", and some other. anyway, thinking about doing some kind of research on the soft what is shown in the net. would be interesting to see how many developers could be found, what are the main functions etc. created a blog to list all bug tracking software, although feeling too lazy to do something today...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Painless bug tracking

Found an article titled "Painless bug tracking" and decided to read it onky because of the word 'painless'. By, promotional article for their bug tracking software, called FogBUGZ. The article was really good and i liked it. It is so similar to our company when i was working. It is really neccessary to have a bug tracking software. although a simple database did not help to us, there was no point to have registered all the bugs. it was more important to have database with a functionality of task assigment among developpers, consultants, testers. It was important and we wanted to make sure that every person, working directly with users and hearing about the problems - that thy should wrote down all of them. that is why the programmers, and we testers did not use to accept the requests to fix the bug when it was not in the database. Usually a person would come, say something and go away, after a week he inquires about the problem fixing, but they all remain in the air - there were so many things to do and to test that usually we forget.... it is also important for the developper to see how much work he has, how many bugs he has assigned. our company made a software for inner needs - task assigment among all workers.
the next thing i liked in the article - Top Ten Tips for Bug Tracking. especially these: If you're a tester, and you're having trouble getting programmers to use the bug database, just don't tell them about bugs - put them in the database and let the database email them.
If you're a programmer, and only some of your colleagues use the bug database, just start assigning them bugs in the database. Eventually they'll get the hint.
If you're a manager, and nobody seems to be using the bug database that you installed at great expense, start assigning new features to people using bugs. A bug database is also a great "unimplemented feature" database, too.

there was an interesting point on keeping the bug database simple - not adding additional fields to have more information on it. i remember we would always think about adding something more... and then the consultants say it is tooooo complicated to fill the form...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Introducing software testing - a book

a book

Found a book in the net, thought would share. to have more colors here :). It is an introduction to software testing. "Introducing Software Testing" By Louise Tamres. "Managers are becoming aware of the need to test new products, though often the task of software testing is assigned to a programmer who, although he may have extensive programming experience, has not been trained to test software, and is suddenly expected to do so with a strict project deadline approaching. This book is intended to come to the rescue of such an IT professional. It gives an brief overview of testing, then in a practical way show how to develop test cases, covering aspects such as:
- best practice documentation strategies, methods and standards; and
- tips on handling the various requirements facing the tester, including fitness for use models and presenting the case for testing to your manager.

A number of real-life case studies are introduced in the early chapters and then used throughout as examples of how to put the methods presented into practice and proceed successfully with them. These include an Object-Oriented and a Web testing example. The book will also be structured to provide extensive references out to other books in the testing area, to which the reader will be pointed to further develop his testing skills."

what is interesting, have never read a book on testing. just some resources in the web....

Monday, July 18, 2005

character features and testing

do not know about you, but sometimes i laugh. when you work as a tester - bug tracker, you always check, see if everything is allright, etc. sometimes i do this not only at my work, but in life. the workers made a door ojn the office entrance with a code. we have recieved the 4 numbers by emails in order to enter the office. i read it, got up and went to check the code. ups. that was not right. wrote an email to responsible person, he resend the code to everyone in the company. i was smiling and saying - i am a tester..
so, sometimes i think, what skills and qualities do testers need. are they more critical than others? ..

bug tracking

Was reading a litle bit on the net on software testing. This is the term in general. I thought i was working as a tester, now as i see more resources, seems i was more like a bug tracker. We were not testing the system - that were the developers doing. me and others in our department were just recieving pieces of code, installing and imitating user's behaviour to find the bug - the mistakes as we used to call. in this, i would call bug tracking a lower and more narrow field of software testing. we were not using any bug tracking software, except for the one where to register all bugs. first one was from professional developers, where the bug description and its history were kept. then our developers prepare a great software for our company inner needs - task management. we would register the bug and assign the task for the chief programmer. he used to give it to a certain developper to fix it. then we test it and close the task as done if everything was fine.
what is interesting, that there are many blogs on software testing - saw while searching. and there are only a few on bug tracking...


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