Introducing software testing - a book

a book

Found a book in the net, thought would share. to have more colors here :). It is an introduction to software testing. "Introducing Software Testing" By Louise Tamres. "Managers are becoming aware of the need to test new products, though often the task of software testing is assigned to a programmer who, although he may have extensive programming experience, has not been trained to test software, and is suddenly expected to do so with a strict project deadline approaching. This book is intended to come to the rescue of such an IT professional. It gives an brief overview of testing, then in a practical way show how to develop test cases, covering aspects such as:
- best practice documentation strategies, methods and standards; and
- tips on handling the various requirements facing the tester, including fitness for use models and presenting the case for testing to your manager.

A number of real-life case studies are introduced in the early chapters and then used throughout as examples of how to put the methods presented into practice and proceed successfully with them. These include an Object-Oriented and a Web testing example. The book will also be structured to provide extensive references out to other books in the testing area, to which the reader will be pointed to further develop his testing skills."

what is interesting, have never read a book on testing. just some resources in the web....


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