Retrofitting testing - what is it?

It is nice to meet new terms and keywords relating testing. This morning I got a question how I am planning to do 'regression as part of Code Retrofitting testing'.   Have never heard of retrofitting testing before, so did some googling. The best explanation I found was on blog   article "Retrofit vs Retest vs Regression Testing" :

  • Retrofit testing is carried to to test that a change in functionality is correctly implemented for existing entities.
  • Retrofit testing is more commonly carried out when you have an incremental project, or change requests.
  • If the time available to test is tight, retesting and retrofit testing usually takes a higher priority over regression testing
Colleague's comment while trying to help me: " if I googled it correctly then they expect you to perform regression for legacy system where your changes were introduced. In this way I would ask for all/any existing test cases for that whole system affected by change and maybe they even have some automated test cases. Then verify that changes you made are not affecting overall system behavior in any way." Really good summary, Nikolaj! :) Almost ready for my reply on future retrofitting testing plans, just need to review testing strategy of the project, in case I missed something here a few months ago


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