Bug tracking software

thought will find out about bug tracking software. there are many tools, shareware and freeware for bug tracking records, bug reports databases.
bug tracking software
Bug/defect tracking expert offers bug tracking software solution for bug, defect, feature and request tracking. It is web-based software installed on any standard web server, is compatible with all ODBC compliant databases, and can be accessed by any internet or intranet enabled platform. Features: 100% Web Based; Flexible Workflow; Rule Based E-mail and Paging Notification; Automated Email Reader; Completely Customizable (Fields, GUI, Capabilities ...); Account Management; PC Audit Capability; Scheduling and To-Do Calendar; File Attachments; Built in Spell Checker;
Extensive Charts and Reports; Microsoft Excel Spread Sheet Integration;
Whiteboard; Download Center; Domain Authentication and LDAP/Active Directory Integration; PDA/WAP Accessibility; HelpDesk Expert for Customer Service Integration (Optional)

TRACK'em - Java based web application for tracking bugs. Designed to enable reporting, tracking and management of bugs as they are discovered during the development of any product.


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