working again. or at least trying

welcome to new period. the second week working as software tester. after a long break at home here we are at the office. Do not feel weak in professional sense, but staying up to 8 long hours everyday at work is something still too tough for me.
now coming through adaptation plan - learning the way things are done here. and reading. The Art Of Software Testing. second addition, Glenford J. Myers.


Anonymous said…
Hi Ugne,
stumbled over your blog while searching for testing stuff in Europe.
There's a lot of reading to do with all the US experts' blogs but there seems to be only a small testing community on this side of the ocean.

Have been in test for three months before coming back to dev, but still trying to learn about testing.

It's good to actually see something happening in Europe, I'll also try to take part in the next EuroSTAR but that's some time in the future.

So far
ugne said…
hello, Markus, thanks for leaving a message. If I continue with testing, for sure would like to visit EUROSTAR conference..
Today found a blog of latvian guy, who has been working in testing for 10 years. The same - very glad to read from someone in the EU, and the Baltics :)
Good luck with testing!

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