Friday, February 15, 2008

my testing adventures - effectiveness

If you check the date of recent posts , you will see that this is the third post today. My colleague smiles - it is friday, too difficult to work when you know three days of rest are waiting ahead.

Today is a reading day, so the next thing I found in one blog - testing metrics. The authour lists a few of them. the most interesting for me - "Number of customer reported Bug - As a measure of testing effectiveness".

Ok. The effectiveness of testing.... Let's see - my first project here, small and my independent work as a tester. pilot project :)

  • Total issues registered for the project - 164;
  • Total bugs - 119;
  • Client reported issues - 27;
  • Client bugs - 21;
  • Some of them seem quite 'strange' for me and I simply can not call them "bug", so will leave - 10 bugs with low priority.

So, what we have for my testing effectiveness? 10 of 119? Less than 9 percent.

What is the 'normal' and accepted rate? Can not find anything on that topic in the web for a moment.

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