What is hot in the testing field?

Had a look at some conferences advertised on the web.

(US testers are lucky – so many software testing events.)

If you are wondering what is hot now – just check the conference programs (or job ads. well, its not the topic of the post..). Test Management, Test Techniques, Metrics, Performance Testing, Reviews & Inspections are more classical topics. And here – some showing the changes in the field: Testing Web Sites/Applications, Test Automation, Automating Test Execution, Exploratory Testing, and Agile Testing...

Seems the first South East European Software Testing Conference SEETEST 2008 will not answer those questions. Although there is a remarkable need to gather testing professionals and interested in Software Software quality to one place. The conference is more concentrated on practical everyday topics in the testers job. Test Design: Specifying Test Cases, Software Testing Essentials, Methodology for structured software testing and an example test strategy – presentations that are more for testing process management. Thus attention to automated testing also is paid: Automated Software Testing, Functional Test Automation Tools: A Practically Minded Comparison, Leveraging Automated Testing in Distributed Environments and other presentations.

EuroSTAR conference on Software Testing Analysis & Review is for European software testing professionals. The theme of EuroSTAR 2008 is “The Future of Software Testing”. Like their welcoming questions about the future of testing:

• Will we still be using the test methods we use today?
• Are we all going Agile?
• Will we use scripted or exploratory testing, or a combination of both?
• Is testing still a separate profession?
• Is testing still a craft or will it be more and more automated?
• What will change in the context of our day-to-day business and how does that affect testing?
• What about training and certification?
• What about our roles: will they stay the same or will they change?
• Will the need for testing diminish? Will testing as a profession eventually disappear? Will technology assist, or make things worse, and how?

So, testing AUTOMATION rules!


Jonathan said…

I really enjoyed your blogpost about what's hot in software testing. Highly related to that is a recent venture-backed company out of MA, USA which is attempting to create a "community testing" business model. The company is called uTest (http://www.utest.com) and we would love to hear your thoughts on it (maybe even write the next blog post on it to hear some feedback). Its quite revolutionary and might be the next big thing in software testing.

Thanks for the time!

Anonymous said…
Hey, Ugne,

one more testing event this year
ugne said…
to: anonymous
have written about seetest.org in the post :)
Jester said…
Hello Ugne,

I am a new tester in china.My name is Zhenshuai XU. Jester is my English name.From you article I know that you are good at software testing. I will graduate at Jun this year and want to be a good tester in the future.Although my English is very poor, I want to make friend with you. Can you accept me as your friend?

Thanks for your attention!


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