test case design: do's

The Do’s:
1. Identify test cases for each module
2. Write test cases in each executable step.
3. Design more functional test cases.
4. Clearly identify the expected results for each test case
5. Design the test cases for workflow so that the test cases follow a sequence in the web application during testing. For example for mail applications say yahoo, it has to start with a registration process for new users, then signing up, composing mail, sending mail etc.
6. Security is high priority in web testing. Hence document enough test cases related to application security.
7. Develop a trace ability matrix to understand the test case coverage with the requirements

just a paste form the article. What i already do - 1, 2, 4. 3 - do not understand what the auhtor means. long worflow is rather rear - 5, 6- seldom do security testing - only authorization and roles. 7 would be a good practise - but that is a must only for bigger projects. missed one requirement in test cases set in a current project, and the developers answer is - no time for that now...


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