Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Online certification: testingsense

Willing to make a break from certification questions. However that is not easy. Found another topic for reading - online certification.
There are two certifications, available online: Software Testing Fundamentals and Testing Expert Certification. Tried to do the fundamentals test. Scored 65percent, and did not reach the required 70. After taking test I will not able to get another ticket for next 3 months.
What I did not like about the site - could not find the material for exam questions. Do not believe in opinion, that every tester should know the terms, used in the test. And there were some, that I saw first time.
So, you may try to do the exam. Maybe will be succesful and print out your certificate. Although I believe there should be better online certification sites for testers :)


online certification said...

There has to a way by which people can get an idea what they are going to get in the exam so that they can prepare accordingly.

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