ISTQB advanced certification ir Lithuania

Good title of the post. If you have questions about advanced ISTQB certification in Lithuania, the only answer is - not possible (only foundation level). For the moment, there is no testing board in Lithuania, so decided to write where you may take the tests for advanced certification.

Polish Testing Board ( over 6 years. There would be no problem (i guess) to take the exam. The website is really full of information, even with the statistics - pass and fail ratio.

Latvia Testing Board is a few times younger. And for now they have accreditation only for Foundation Level. You may read more on their web site.

(Updated post after the comment, thanks to Rimvydas)


Rimvydas Petkus said…
Take a look at

1. Look at "FOR TEST TAKERS" and choose "Information Technology -> ISEB".
2. On the next page press START. A new page opens.
3. Choose country (Lithuania), press NEXT.
4. On the next page press NEXT again.
5. Here we are - ISEB ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing :)
ugne said…
Jonas said…
well, I can see Advanced level certification in Latvia.
If this is true, then it is a good thing to think about in the near future :)
(May 5, 2009 - maybe it's not the only date) :)))
romantic said…
Nice Posting... Take a look at,
While surfing for certification courses of software testing, i got umpty of details there..
Thanks. :)

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