Monday, August 24, 2009

what about crisis?

everyone has been talking about crisis, The Crisis, already more than a year. so, what is the crisis impact for software testing and testers? "software consulting firm Ovum claims that the worldwide software testing services market is projected to reach 56 billion dollars by 2013, despite the global economic crisis".
In my background, all IT sector has less sofware projects. Companies save money first of all cutting IT expenses.
IT software companies may start saving with fewer testers. One person commented: "a client does want to buy testing services. He will test the product himself". Developers and coders are more valuable - they code and then test the product. And the tester remains as a luxury for better times.
When considering among testers, company would necessarily cut manual testers first over technical testers.
How do you feel crisis as a tester?


Roman said...

Less projects, less quality -> more motivation to learn, to read books about testing

Best Regards,

ugne said...

Roman, please mention a few books here

Roman said...

now reading: Systematic Software Testing. a bit old (year 2002) but like it because it is based on the IEEE Std. 828-1998. Process that is described in this book is called STEP "The Systematic Test and Evaluation Process"

looking for next book: "How We Test Software at Microsoft". Heard that there are very good case-studies. And of course everyone is interested how they make and test software :)