terms of testing

Automation Testing; Beta Testing; Black Box Testing; Bug Report; Client Server Testing;
Game Testing; Internet Testing; Network Testing; Peripherals Testing; White Box Testing
Test plans

The purpose of compatibility testing is to reveal issues related to the product’s interaction with other software (operating systems, browsers, installed applications…) as well as hardware (video cards, sound cards, processors…).

Automated testing is when software tests software.

The purpose of functionality testing is to reveal issues concerning the product’s functionality and conformance to stated/documented behavior.

The purpose of stress testing is to reveal issues related to the product’s performance under extreme/non-normal operating environments (low system resources, heavy load…), and also to quantify the stress level at which a system’s response significantly degrades.

The purpose of regression testing is to ensure that previously detected and fixed issues really are fixed, they do not reappear, and new issues are not introduced into the program as a result of the changes made to fix the issues.


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