CERTIFICATION: The Certified Software Tester (CSTE)

So, the study begins, the first - CSTE, The Certified Software Tester.

The main website of Quality Assurance Institute
I have read on this exam on www.SoftwareCertifications.org
To become certified as a Certified Software Tester, every candidate must:
1. Satisfy all applicant Prerequisites.
2. Subscribe to the Code of Ethics.
3. Submit a Character Reference.
4. Pass a comprehensive written Examination.

To qualify for candidacy, each applicant must meet one of three prerequisites:
1. A bachelor's degree from an accredited college-level institution,
2. An associate degree and two years of experience in the information services field, or
3. Six years of experience in the information services field.

Certified Software Tester Body of Knowledge defines the knowledge areas that will be tested:
# The Test Environment - The CSTE shall demonstrate a knowledge of the environment in which effective testing can occur. The skills in this area include understanding the principles and concepts of testing; the tester’s role in software development and acquisition; management of the test function; and how test processes are developed, implemented, used and improved; including the use of tools in the test processes.

# Test Planning - The CSTE shall demonstrate the ability to plan tests including the selection of techniques and methods to be used to validate the product against its approved requirements and design. Test planning assesses the business and technical risks of the software application, and then develops a plan to determine if the software minimizes those risks. Test planners must understand the development methods and environment to effectively plan for testing, including regression testing.

# Executing the Test Plan - The CSTE shall demonstrate the ability to execute tests, design test cases; use test tools; and monitor testing to ensure correctness and completeness.

# Test Analysis and Reporting - The CSTE shall demonstrate the ability to develop reports testing status reports. These reports should show the status of the testing based on the test plan. Reporting should support the enumeration, status, and execution of tests and regression testing. To properly report status, the testers should review and conduct statistical analysis on the test results and discovered defects. The lessons learned from the test effort should be used to improve the next iteration of the test process.
Here is more on Body of Knowledge

wow, this sentence is interesting: IMPORTANT: It is each candidate's responsibility to stay current in the field and to be aware of published works and materials available for professional study and development. Software Certifications recommends that candidates for certification continually research and stay aware of current literature and trends in the field.
have not read any book - only articles in the web...

The initial application fee is $350 (increased).

Do not apply unless you feel confident that your work activities and past experience have prepared you for the examination process.

The saddest thing for me is that exam should be taken in usa, canada, india and saudo arabia. no europe, so, no exam.


Anonymous said…
Hi Ugne,

You wrote:
"no Europe, so, no exam".

You have at least two options I can think of:
1) I know that QAI recently organized a St. Petersburg branch.
Traveling to St. Petersburg to write a CSTE test is not so expensive.
2) I am willing to travel to Vilnus to proctor a CSTE test :).
I believe that Tim Pelland from QAI would not mind traveling to Vilnus himself or finding another person for this trip.

In any case I recommend you to get in touch with QAI if you are serious about their certification.

Good luck,
Yury Makedonov At sign cgi dot com
Anonymous said…
It's doable.
Hi Ugne,

I too belong to ur community i.e "Software testing".
U doing wonderful job by posting lots of valuable information.

But i dont like all these certifications as they are just for money sake.

All the best.

Thanx & Regards
N.Nageswara Prasad
Sham said…
I a Certified software tester. Could you pls tell me what are its prospects in terms of growth in present job.
Anonymous said…
Somebody wrote: "I know that QAI recently organized a St. Petersburg branch."

So could you guys tell me the URL or just plain coordinates of that branch?? i.e. telephone number.
Anonymous said…
None of the link is working... plz update
ugne said…
Thanks, have updated the links. softwarecertifications changed from .com to .org
Hi, Lots of efforts done can be seen from your blog.Great work.Keep it up!
Berk Boyd said…
The CSTE shall illustrate a information of the surroundings in which effective examining can happen. The abilities in this area include knowing the ideas and ideas of testing.

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