software testing lithuanian websites

well, decided to search my native language sites for "software testing". interesting what kind of information is there. to tell the truth the result a litle bit dissapointed me - almost no information. One site for software testing courses - that thing seems cool and would like to attend myself - about 400euro. Then one companie's site writing how they test their own products - using functional, system integration testing. almost nothing more.. the woman that invited me for job interview a few months ago, at the beginning said - your blog was the first thing on the web i saw. dedicated for software testing and origin from lithuania. seems truth


Steve said…
I work for EDS. We are a global organization. If I can answer any of your questions, I would be glad to assist. I am based in the USA. I will try to check this every two or three days. Sounds like you may have found something though. God speed.

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